About the blog –

This is a chemistry blog written by Gauri Nigudkar. This is a place for anyone who is interested in learning chemistry i.e for all ‘Rasayan Rasiks’(people passionate about chemistry).

About the author-

Since my school days, I have been inquisitive about various things. Science and spirituality topped the list. My father is a pharmacist and my mother is a chemistry professor. So basically, I was born into a family of science enthusiasts. I shared their passion for science and was always excited to learn more. I was a kid who asked a lot of questions and got my concepts cleared. My curious disposition helped me learn more than there was in the textbooks. My propensity to learn things in-depth helped me to master the fundamentals efficiently.

As days passed, my interest in science kept growing and I began to develop a keen interest in ‘CHEMISTRY’. I was naturally able to comprehend the subject better and so my fondness for it grew. I decided to pursue further studies in chemistry. Unlike other students, I never studied just to get a good score but enjoyed what I was learning. I went through various chemistry books from my college library and tried to get a comprehensive overview of all the topics. I incorporated all that into the file of my hand-written chemistry notes. Later, I successfully earned a Master’s degree in organic chemistry. I decided to do research or teach chemistry. However, destiny had other plans. It opened new avenues for me and took me on a new path of thespianism – a path of very different chemistries!

Acting just came to me naturally – that talent was a god’s gift. I enjoyed working in front of the camera and soon got tied up with my assignments. Although I kept busy in a totally different profession, my interest in chemistry never waned. I wanted to be in touch with the subject and somehow utilize the knowledge to help others.

Suddenly one day, the thought of writing a chemistry blog struck me! I felt that I could teach chemistry and share some knowledge with others, from the comforts of my home!I had my here I am beginning to write this blog! Through my blog, I intend to share the knowledge, which I have learned through various sources like chemistry books, journals, videos, and google articles, with anybody who might be benefitted by it. The content of my posts comes from varied sources ,which I have gathered over the years and so giving correct references may not be possible sometimes. I have no intentions of plagiarism.

I am not a professional writer so kindly excuse my mistakes. Suggestions, comments without any abusive language are welcome. As you and me are connected only through internet, it would mean a lot to  me if you let me know whether you find my blog helpful. Kindly follow my blog for more updates.

A sincere thanks to my parents , teachers and all online sources, which provide so much information to us ! A very big thank you to my husband for always encouraging and helping me.

I am also into food photography and write a food blog – www.bitesandbokeh.com

Be a perpetual student of life and keep learning..

Good day.

Gauri Nigudkar.


  1. Keep up the good work you beautiful human. Absolutely love the vision of this blog! I am a budding Science student myself so if I ever compile a list like this may I share it with you?


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