90. CHEMICAL BONDING (37)- Covalent Bonding(36) – Molecular Orbital Theory(11) – Fluorine.

Fluorine molecule (F2) – 

F (9) 1s2 2s2p5

Two fluorine atoms bring 7 electrons each to the table and thus the 10 electrons get arranged in the MOs formed as follows –


Electronic configuration –1s)22s)22s)22p)22p)42p)4

There are no unpaired electrons in the molecular orbitals of fluorine and so it’s diamagnetic i.e it has no permanent magnetic dipole moment.


∴Bond order for Fmolecule = 1/2 ( 8-6)= 1
Thus, there is a single bond between two F atoms.

From the next post we shall start studying heteronuclear molecules.Till then ,

Be a perpetual student of life and keep learning…

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